“What does it make possible if I do open my heart, if I do surrender to the possibility that love is bigger than whatever I understand?”     

- Alexis Pauline Gumbs                      (Possibilities of Listening Episode)

Possibilities Podcast is a podcast where we engage in deep dive conversations with queer and trans black, indigenous people of colour artists and possibility makers. We engage in deep inquiry with ideas, people and practices to understand what makes bold creations tick and seemingly impossible dreams tangible. Our guests have been some of the most brilliant queer and trans creators, including adrienne maree brown, D’Loco Kid, Kiley May, Ravyn Wngz, Alexis Pauline Gumbs and many more. Possibilities Podcast seeks to be a portal for inspiration and insight, and catalyze our listeners to generate their own infinite possibilities.

Creator and host: Umang Antariksh Sagar

Producer: kumari giles

Creative editor: Mari "Dev" Ramsawakh

Season One Music: Pantayo and LAL

Episode Art: Umang Antariksh Sagar

Possibilities Podcast launched on June 11, 2019 featuring 
Pleasure Activism w/adrienne maree brown and currently has 10 episodes available.

This podcast is created in Toronto on the territories of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat people. This place is guided by the Dish with One Spoon wampum convenant and is covered by Treaty 13. 

Team BIOs

Creator and Host

Umang Antariksh Sagar is a storyteller working on excellence. They ground in their perspective as an immigrant,  South Asian, non-binary, queer person and use the mediums  of screenwriting, podcasting, and graphic design to write themselves in, ask generative questions, open portals of possibilities, and shape the present. Umang is the creator,  host and visual artist for Possibilities Podcast. They are also the visual artist and co-creator of the Juicy Mangoes Zine: Conversations from Beyond the Binary. Umang has written/directed the short films Becoming Leela (2018), Nookie (2017), Daily Reflections (2016), among others. They have also created videos for numerous organizations such as Access Alliance, Daily Bread and The Drag Musical. Umang is on a constant journey of studying writing, creative and relational processes so that they can practice making the process of creation joyful and expansive & create impactful work.


kumari giles is a multi-disciplinary artist, producer, dancer,  storyteller, curator, logistics nerd, aerialist, and community cook. As a queer non-binary mixed maker of many things, they believe in art and movement as a tool for empowerment,   transformation and healing. kumari has spent most of their time organizing in grassroots collectives with queer and trans, Black, Indigenous and people of colour. They are committed to nurturing overlooked brilliance and shaping processes that centre trust, access and growth. Past collectives and work include ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company, Unapologetic Burlesque and The AMY Project Theatre Creation Program. They are currently producing Possibilities Podcast and Safe*Words (I Didn’t Say Broccoli) 

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Creative Editor

Mari "Dev" Ramsawakh is a disabled and nonbinary writer, producer, and storyteller. Their work expands across many mediums including short fiction, journalism, podcasting, and filmmaking. They produced the podcasts "Cripresentation" and "Sick Sad World" and currently they are the creative editor for Possibilities Podcast. They were the 2019 TVO Short Docs contest winner for their short "Fluid", and they've been published on CBC, HuffPost Canada, Insider, and other publications.