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team bios

Creator, Host and Producer

Umang Antariksh Sagar (they/them) is a storyteller working on excellence. They practice in the mediums  of films, tv and podcasts to bring in joy as they ask generative questions, open portals of possibilities, and revel in the magic of the present. Umang is the creator, host, producer and sometimes visual artist for Possibilities Podcast. Umang has written/directed the films such as Becoming Leela (2018), Nookie (2017), Daily Reflections (2016), and develops scripted TV series through their production company, Antariksh Productions. Umang is on a constant journey of studying writing, creative and relational processes so that they can practice making the process of creation joyful and expansive & create impactful work.

Season one, two and Three


kumari giles (they/them) is a producer, multidisciplinary artist, logistics nerd and culinary magician raised in Tkaronto. As a queer, brown, non-binary, mixed, maker of many things, they believe that creativity and curiosity are necessary tools for collective transformation and healing. They have been producing live performances for nearly two decades, pivoting more intentionally to media in the last three years. kumari co-created Unapologetic Burlesque, was a collective member of ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company for 9 years and are currently a member of the Trans Healing Arts Collective- visioning spaces that centre the healing & creativity of trans* peoples. kumari has worked alongside groups like Bricks and Glitter, The Cyborg Circus Project and The AMY Project. They’ve fed folks at multiple gatherings addressing food insecurity while building  towards right relationship with food and land. They aspire to shape processes with trust, access, joy and growth. kumari is currently deep healing after learning about play, foraging and liberation in the forest.


Season threE

Admin Support

Salma Al Atassi is a bookkeeper, administrator, psychotherapy student, and former community organizer. An immigrant and an exile from Syria, she now lives in Toronto (from the Haudenosaunee word Tkaronto) . When she isn't attending to invoices, and admin tasks you can find her reading on psychoanalysis, drinking coffee, dancing or walking along the water. 


Jasmine Noseworthy Persaud (they/them) is a nonbinary, mad and multiply disabled, digital media artist of Guyanese and English descent living in Tkaronto. They prioritize work where community arts meets community health. During the pandemic, this has grown to revolve around explorations of love-grief as praxis, on a multi-sensory scale, and through the celebration of diverse bodyminds. As a whole, their creative work seeks to create breathing space for survivors and queer, disabled, racialized communities.


Jasmine was formerly AccessCBC’s Project Manager and is currently an Educational Programming Assistant at DMG Toronto, member of the Board of Directors at the Toronto Queer Film Festival, and participant in the Cyber Fellows (YTB Gallery) and Ways of Attuning (~wave~form~projects/Critical Distance) residencies. They hold a B.A. in Radio & TV (Media Production) from Toronto Metropolitan University. 2022 marks 10 years for them working as an artist-facilitator and in creative industries.

Editor and Audio Producer

Katie Jensen has made podcasts for CBC Podcasts, Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment, Indigo, David Suzuki Foundation, Globe and Mail, Brain Canada, St. Joseph Media, Polaris Music Prize, and Canadaland. She has spoken at Hot Docs Podcast Festival, World Radio Day, Atlantic Podcast Summit, Long Winter, and Pop Montreal. She is the principal of Vocal Fry Studios.

Visual Art and Social Media

Harmeet (they/them) is a fat, trans, and disabled, Sikh-Panjabi artist, designer, community organizer, and student living in Tkaronto. Using a disability justice framework in their work, Harmeet creates art that sensorly activates feelings of rest, pleasure, and slowness. 


Currently they are focusing on digital illustration, accessible design, collaging, graphic recording and textile painting. Harmeet also creates workshop programming on these mediums and when they are not facilitating, they do accessibility and social media coordination and consultation. You can check out more of their work on (Instagram @harmeetrehal) or


Hasheel is a South Asian Queer Hindustani Classical Musician. He is trained in vocals as well as the Bansuri (Indian flute) and has been learning North Indian Classical music since the age of five. Hasheel has lived in India to pursue his musical training and is currently a senior student of the legendary Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. Inspired by Indian bridalwear, Hasheel pushes gender fashion norms that exist in and outside of India. His music mixes hip-hop, electronica, R&B, and Bollywood with a steady undertone of traditional Indian Classical.

Hasheel has performed around the world and across Ontario with notable artists such as Kailash Kher, Hariharan, Karthik, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, Karsh Kale, and for academy award winner A. R. Rahman. He has also headlined the brOWN//out stage for Pride Toronto. His most recent work ‘RaagRani’ is a documentary style music video celebrating the union of his cultural identities.


Lady Pista is a Canadian-Tamil DJ/Producer/Recording Artist/Influencer best known as a pioneer of multi-genre remixing of South Asian beats with western inspired instrumentation. Lady Pista built herself a standout reputation as the first groundbreaking Tamil female DJ in the world! She began her career creating Tamil remixes in the early 2000s, quickly building a growing network of over 20,000+ fans worldwide. Lady Pista has performed at multiple shows internationally and her single “Rise Up” was recently featured on BBC Asian network. Along with recognition from Sean Paul and Boi1da - Mainstream outlets have taken notice of Lady Pista and give high praise as an undeniable triple-threat asset ready for take over! Check out her work on soundcloud.

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Season One and Two

Creative Editor

Mari "Dev" Ramsawakh is a disabled and nonbinary writer, producer, and storyteller. Their work expands across many mediums including short fiction, journalism, podcasting, and filmmaking. They produced the podcasts "Cripresentation" and "Sick Sad World" and currently they are the creative editor for Possibilities Podcast. They were the 2019 TVO Short Docs contest winner for their short "Fluid", and they've been published on CBC, HuffPost Canada, Insider, and other publications. 

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